Edwin Namakanga

Climate Activist from Uganda

It starts with us to protect our mother nature so as to reduce the destruction of ecosystems caused by different human activities like pollution, deforestation which leads to environmental degradation. Once our environment is not protected we will experience food insecurity, wildlife habitats will be destroyed affecting our tourism sector, health disasters like lung cancer will be on the rise.

Recently the global temperatures increased which led to locust invasion in East Africa and this caused food insecurity which ate  the crops in farms. When the family loses the source of income which is agriculture a girl child is greatly affected because they favor boys to girls in terms of education for example a girl child is given out as bride price and acts as a source of income to the family.

I believe the leaders should start up radio and Television talk shows, newspapers articles on issues concerning climate change and also support campaigns of cleaning up garbage in lakes and rivers, Recycling, put up strict laws to Ban Plastics, fund the projects of renewable energy like solar and also support peaceful climate strikes on the streets in this way we can create awareness to the public.